Using retargeting to bring leads back to the sales funnel

Key takeaways about retargeting to bring leads back:

  • Identify the right audience
  • Create compelling ads
  • Timing is everything
  • Test and optimize
  • Integrate with the sales funnel

Retargeting, sometimes referred to as remarketing, is an effective strategy that enables companies to re-engage leads in their sales funnel. Retargeting can boost conversions and eventually boost revenue by focusing on those who have already expressed interest in your goods or services. We'll talk about the value of retargeting and how to use it to get prospects back into the sales funnel in this piece.

Identifying the right audience

Finding the correct audience is the first step in effectively employing retargeting. This entails focusing on people who have already expressed interest in your goods or services but may not have bought anything. Many techniques, such as keeping tabs on website visits, email subscribers, and social media followers, can be used to accomplish this.

For instance, you can retarget users who visit your website and add products to their cart but do not finish the transaction with adverts that remind them of the items they were interested in and nudge them to do so.

Creating compelling ads

Once you have determined who your target market is, it is crucial to develop adverts that will push them to visit your sales funnel again. Making retargeting advertising relevant and tailored to the user's interests and habits is essential for their success.

For instance, you can retarget visitors to your website who have previously browsed a number of items in a particular category with adverts for like items. Also, you may use dynamic retargeting to offer adverts for the precise goods that the viewer was searching for.

Timing is everything

Retargeting depends heavily on timing. To increase the likelihood that they will return to your sales funnel, you want to reach out to people at the opportune time. Retargeting them involves contacting them while they are still thinking about the good or service and before they switch to a rival.

You can retarget someone with an ad a few hours after their visit, for instance, if they added a product to their cart but did not finish the transaction. They will be reminded of the item they were considering and inspired to finish the transaction before they forget about it.

Testing and optimization

To make sure your retargeting initiatives are successful, just as with any marketing plan, it's critical to test and improve them. This entails tracking the effectiveness of your ads, making modifications as necessary, and consistently experimenting with new ad layouts and targeting possibilities.

To determine which performs better, you may try various ad types, such as static photos versus videos. Also, you can try various targeting choices, such as focusing on website visitors as opposed to email subscribers, or focusing on people who have visited particular pages on your website.

Integration with the sales funnel

Retargeting must be integrated with your sales funnel in order for it to function properly. This entails keeping track of conversions and assessing how retargeting affects your entire sales.

For instance, you may utilise conversion tracking to keep track of how many people make a purchase after seeing a retargeting advertisement. To make sure your retargeting campaigns are yielding a healthy return on investment, you can also track their ROI (return on investment).

What to remember about retargeting to bring leads back to your funnel

Retargeting is a potent strategy that can assist entice leads back into your sales funnel and boost conversions. You can utilise retargeting to increase sales and expand your company by choosing the proper target market, developing interesting advertising, reaching people at the right moment, testing and optimising campaigns, and incorporating it with your sales funnel. Note that retargeting is a continuous process, therefore it's crucial to continuously assess performance and adapt as necessary to guarantee the greatest outcomes.

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