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Welcome to TinyFunnel

Hello and thank you for visiting our website! We are a friendly platform which offers an online sales funnel builder that concentrates on minimalistic design. Whether you are looking for a single piece of the sales funnel process or the full shebang, we will be able to help.

On top of the provided functionality in your dashboard, TinyFunnel offers a variety of bespoke services for customers whow want to fully taylor the customer experience of their sales funnels.

Whether its individual design or full automation of your process we are flexible. So if you need anything specific, please send us a message

Our Features at a Glance

  • Create in minutes not months
  • Designed to do a single job extremely well
  • Get a single link to promote to your social channels
  • Capture leads with verified email address
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Send traffic and make easy sales
  • Easy to understand analytics
  • Sales funnels that make sense

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How does TinyFunnel actually work?

The diagram below will give you a better understanding of how TinyFunnel works

Tiny Funnel
Tiny Funnel
Your Traffic Sources
Your Traffic Sources
Your Sales
Your Sales
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Can I see a demo of TinyFunnel?

But of course, you can. We have created a list of small demo sales funnels that you can use to get a glimpse of what TinyFunnel is.

While these can help you, your exact use case will differ, and can be more simpler or complex that the demos below.

Awareness Only Funnel

This demo demonstrates the simplest possible sale funnel that is possible to be created with TinyFunnel

In this case the visitor is presented with specific information to raise his awarenes then redirected to an external customer provided URL

Funnel with Lead Info

This demo demonstrates a funnel which collects visitor information, converting them to leads

Getting the leads information is helpful when we want to contact these in the future. For example to contact with another offer, send them a trial product or something else.

Sales Funnel (External)

This demo demonstrates a sales funnel which leads the visitor to an external sales URL in this case an Amazon affiliate URL

Sales Funnel (Download)

This a real sales funnel which allows a digital book to be downloaded after a successful payment

While inspecting the demos it is important to keep your mind open and understand that TinyFunnel works in collaboration with your overall marketing strategy and automation.

Mastering sales funnels is a constant learning and deliverng great results comes from the contant analyzis of your traffic, working on your sales copy, making sure your offer is always stays attractive and competitive.

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